Introducing Custom Business Solutions LLC

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We offer our clients quick positive results with all aspects of U.S market management --- marketing intelligence, product development, sales performance management, business unit accountability and sales team organizational development. 

We can help you grow and prosper by:

  • Active market management for start-ups and companies that are new to the USA 
  • Sales Force Optimization
  • Process Management
  • Product Development: The Right Product …On Time …Every Time
  • Validate marketing intelligence regarding potential demand
  • Establish the fact of a real market
  • Confirm the cost of the available distribution
  • Best in class product launch
  • High impact event management
  • Develop a vision and strategy
  • Business Debt Mediation 
  • Trade Shows and Events

Fred J. Yando

Fred Yando is a proven visionary leader in the consumer electronics business with exceptional creative acumen and vast P&L experience. Fred has created and implemented technology based companies that have yielded exceptional results. He specializes in organizing start-ups with the foundational skills that assure success. Fred helps technology companies accelerate their revenue generation by conducting Market Assessments, streamlining product development process, and profiling and implementing other proprietary tools to validate the best opportunities for near and long term sales growth. Either leading team management or direct project management, Fred can make a rapid, positive difference in technology application development and related initiatives. With a background in business and engineering, Fred also has experience with the US military.

Fred's specialties include working with start-ups, branding and product development. This is because he has started (and sold) companies, built high-end lifestyle brands and led the development of world class products 

Fred was the founder and first President of Kef Electronics of America and built it to be one of the premier upscale speaker brands in the domestic U.S. market. His executive career has included stints as an executive at prestige brands such as Nakamichi, Velodyne, Acoustic Research and Harman International. 


David Kaplan

David Kaplan's work at the executive level has involved the complete commercial cycles of the high technology industry. His unique diverse skill set encompasses proven expertise in purchasing, new product introduction, brand management and business debt mediation.  Equally adept with sales and marketing management, strategic planning and new business development, David understands and has lived “all sides of the table” in the ever-changing and challenging world of technology. This includes coaching profit enhancing purchasing techniques and negotiating skills. David has earned numerous awards and certifications both inside the technology industry as well as for community service. He currently serves the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) as a member of its Small Business Council Member, TechHome Division Board, CEA Mentor and as a judge for the Mark of Excellence Awards. He is certified by The International Association of Business Mediation Consultants. 

David was the founder of Digital Delivery Group, a consumer electronics buying group consisting of specialty distributors in the residential custom integration channel. 

David has been a Vice-President at Huppins /OneCall, the first specialty electronics retailer on the internet, Terk Technologies, where products he developed remained in their line for well over a decade, Infinity Home Products (a division of Harman, International) and Magnolia Hi-Fi and Video, now a division of Best Buy but considered at the time to be one of the premier independent specialty retailers in the country.